Algeria Telecom and Djezzy ink QoS agreement

Algeria Telecom and Djezzy ink QoS agreement


Algerian telcos Algérie Télécom and Djezzy have signed a partnership agreement that will see the two collaborate on improving the quality of service (QoS) for their respective customers.

“We are happy to conclude a partnership with Algérie Télécom, historical leader of the telecommunications sector in Algeria," said Mahieddine Allouche, interim managing director of Djezz.

"This agreement is part of our development strategy and aims to create synergy in order to improve the quality of service and better serve our customers. This association with Algérie Télécom will open the door to great opportunities for collaboration and cooperation bringing added value to the ecosystem and new services to consumers.”

Confirmed through a signing ceremony held at Djezzy's headquarters in Dar El Beida, the event was attended by Adel Bentoumi, chairman and CEO of Algérie Télécom and Mahieddine Allouche, interim managing director of Djezzy as well as executives of both companies, the two are set to share value-added services and are likely to align their portfolio of services.


“It is an honour for our company to have the mobile operator Djezzy among its partners, which constitutes real added value for both companies," added Bentoumi.

"This partnership, which focuses mainly on the sharing of value-added services, will undeniably contribute to improving the quality of service and will participate in the development of the ICT sector in Algeria. This approach is part of the strategy of Algérie Télécom which places the citizen at the heart of its concerns.”


Algeria Telecommunications Corporation is the state-owned telecom operator of Algeria, and Algérie Télécom is its subsidiary offering fixed connectivity and internet services. Djezzy is the country's state-owned mobile operator and largest mobile operator with a 65% market share and a network that covers approximately 90% of the population.