Vodafone selects Dubber for call recording services

Vodafone selects Dubber for call recording services

Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany - April 12, 2020: Logo of Vodafo

Vodafone has signed an agreement with the conversational intelligence and unified recording platform Dubber to offer recording and AI services to customers in the UK and Germany.

The operator will use Dubber’s platform and alignment to enable recording and conversational AI capabilities across mobile and unified communication services across multiple European markets.

Barry McSorley, head of unified communications and platforms at Vodafone, said: "We are drawing on the strength of our geographical presence coupled with Dubber's market-leading platform to help our business customers transform their interactions with end-users.

“Greater data insights and enhanced compliance across multiple markets with a common, advanced hosted recording service, enables our business customers to expand and improve customer trust and loyalty with their own customers."

Vodafone says work has commenced to migrate its existing mobile recording customer base to an improved service on the Dubber platform and the companies will explore new commercial opportunities to deliver additional services.

"Vodafone is a very important relationship for Dubber and we are pleased to partner with them in Europe to support the needs of their business customers with unified recording and conversational AI directly from the Vodafone mobile network,” Steve McGovern, CEO of Dubber added.

"Dubber is about cost benefits, technology advantage and speed of provisioning and this will enable Vodafone to expand its existing recording subscriber base to a broader range of businesses.

“The calls across the Vodafone network contain an enormous amount of content, and deployment of the Dubber platform will enable an expansive range of differentiated products and services."