stc unveils Super Link solution

stc unveils Super Link solution

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stc confirms the commercial launch of its Super Link solution.

Developed in collaboration with Huawei, the single-antenna link provides up to 10Gbps using the normal band; link capacity depends on the used packet size.

The solution decreases the number of antennas from three to one antenna resulting in a 67% reduction in the tower load, while the Radio HW load is reduced by 70%.

Super Link delivers a simplified and large-bandwidth MW solution for 5G suburban sites and chain MW links where high capacity required over long distances.

"Super Link avoids hardware stacking for long-reach large-capacity microwave, which eases the deployment," said Bader A. Allhieb, infrastructure VP of stc Saudi Arabia.

"It provides a higher bandwidth and effectively covers suburban areas with 5G. What's more, Super Link can be combined with the long-reach E-band solution that can provide smooth coverage in urban areas to accelerate stc's 5G deployment. "

At the same time, stc inked a number of partnerships with several Saudi universities, to support research and innovation projects in the field of technical skills.

Signed during the Sustainable Partnerships Conference the collaborations were made with the Saudi Telecommunications Engineering Society / King Saud University, another partnership with Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University through stc Academy, and Taif University, with the aim of developing the communications sector, developing engineering communications as well as raising the scientific and professional level of the communication engineers in the Kingdom.

“The signed partnerships stand out as one of the main elements for achieving our goals in sustainable development in the field of research and innovation, as our strategy revolves around enabling more vibrant sectors in the Kingdom," said Abdullah Abdulrahman Alkanhl, group chief strategy officer at stc.

"This will facilitate and accelerate the process of digital transformation, because of its positive impact on the public interest, whether on individuals, society or the business sector”, said Eng. Alkanhl.