Russia’s Tele2 opens lawsuit against Ericsson

Russia’s Tele2 opens lawsuit against Ericsson

Ericsson building sign

Russian telco Tele2 has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Ericsson, citing a refusal to honour agreements to supply equipment.

A Reuters report indicates that Tele2 would be pursuing legal proceedings after a complaint was filed to the Moscow Arbitration Court.

In a statement to Reuters, Tele2 said: "We have initiated proceedings against Ericsson Corporation and Satel TVK due to the refusal of the companies to fulfil their obligations to provide equipment. Most of the undelivered equipment refers to orders made long before sanctions were imposed."

In April, Ericsson suspended its business in Russia and would fully exit the market, costing the company around US$81 million and making 400 local employees redundant.

In September, Ericsson said it was providing some of its Russian clients with software and technical support but had not sold physical equipment since February 24.

Tele2 said it had negotiated with Ericsson for eight months to find a solution from the matter but had not received constructive proposals.

Ericsson has acknowledged the lawsuit but refused to comment further on the matter.