TIP partners with Intel for latest metaverse-linked project

TIP partners with Intel for latest metaverse-linked project

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The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) has partnered with Intel and Analog Devices to deliver Open RAN massive MIMO (mMIMO) solutions for the metaverse as part of its TIP OpenRAN project group.

As the industry continues to embrace the metaverse, Massive MIMO can deliver more capacity thanks to its beamforming capabilities and concentrate bandwidth to devices which will enable the capability to deliver metaverse experiences from a single 5G radio.

TIP’s latest collaboration will result in a 5G mMIMO Open RAN radio unit whitebox which will be distributed by Intel.

This comes just days after TIP launched a metaverse-ready networks project group aimed at enhancing opportunities to deliver experiences across several industries.

Kristian Toivo, executive director at TIP said: TIP supports the Open RAN group initiative to define and build radio solutions based on general-purpose vendor-neutral hardware, open interfaces and software.

“Together with the O-RU whitebox, software capabilities, extensive IP portfolio, and strategic partnerships, Intel is taking a leading role in its commitment to Open RAN.”

The compact whitebox will be equipped with a read-to-deploy wideband implementation. The mMIMO O-RU whitebox was conceived as a 32-antenna element wideband standalone radio unit supporting Open RAN interface and advanced software applications.

Andrew Dunkin, Open RAN platform manager at Vodafone added: “We are firmly behind the work of TIP and its ambitions to open up the ecosystem. Projects such as this will bring open massive MIMO capabilities to operators and mean the exciting potential of the metaverse is closer to being realised.”