DE-CIX New York connects FirstLight at 325 Hudson Street

DE-CIX New York connects FirstLight at 325 Hudson Street

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Customers of FirstLight in 13,000 North America locations can now connect with DE-CIX New York at 325 Hudson Street (pictured).

This is an extension to customers in Pennsylvania of a deal that already covers the New England area.

Ed d’Agostino, VP and general manager of DE-CIX North America, said: “Many networks in New York and New England already use FirstLight’s transport to reach us. And now, with their new network throughout Pennsylvania, FirstLight can offer colleges, universities, ISPs, and businesses throughout Pennsylvania easy connectivity to DE-CIX.”

FirstLight has over 40,000km of fibre across six states in the north-east and Mid-Atlantic areas of the US following acquisitions and significant investments, such as its 2022 acquisition of The Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research (Kinber) in east Pennsylvania.

The company says it offers “a full suite of digital infrastructure solutions over its fibre optic network, including high quality connectivity, security solutions, cloud services, managed services, and more”.

DE-CIX said its interconnected global internet exchange (IX) fabric “enables organizations that operate their own network – including universities, research and educational institutions, government agencies and more – the ability to leverage a private transport connection to reach DE-CIX to directly peer with content providers, ISPs, carriers, enterprise businesses and more”.

D’Agostino said: “We are delighted to have FirstLight with their expansive footprint and services offer turnkey connectivity to DE-CIX New York.”

Kurt Van Wagenen, president and CEO of FirstLight, said: “We’re committed to providing organizations with access to the high-quality connectivity and solutions they need to thrive in our digital world. Enabling seamless, low latency access to the world’s largest neutral IX operator is a benefit to all of our customers.”