Zayo expands infrastructure on US-Mexican border

Zayo expands infrastructure on US-Mexican border

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Zayo is strengthening its infrastructure between the US and Mexico, with an extension to the Texas border cities of McAllen and Laredo.

The company said it will have 100G IP points of presence (PoPs) and 400G wavelength capabilities in the cities, which both lie on the Rio Grande, the river that forms the US-Mexican border.

“This latest investment is a game changer for cross-border business opportunities,” said Bill Long (pictured), chief product officer at Zayo. Long left Equinix, where he was senior VP of product management, in September to join Zayo.

He said: “With these diverse capabilities, our customers have the added protection they need to ensure their networks will be secure, reliable and most importantly, connected in Latin America.”

Zayo’s announcement comes days after Arelion CEO Staffan Göjeryd told Capacity that he wants to improve access into the Mexican market. “It’s a local market, not just into and out of the US, a local ecosystem,” he said at Capacity Europe. Arelion will be working with local players, he added.

Zayo said its new PoPs are its latest investment in expanding its network in Latin America and other key commerce and financial hubs across the globe. In September, the company announced plans to expand its global low latency network with low-latency routes into São Paulo, Brazil.

Overall, Zayo says it has invested more than $250 million into expanding its fibre footprint across the globe this year, including the completion of its new long haul routes and subsea fiber route as well as increased capacity and improved latency of its existing network footprint.