Turkcell uses 192Tbps TIP router technology to speed up data centre

Gediz Sezgin Turkcell.jpg

Turkcell is using new technology from the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) that allows the operator to upgrade its data centre capacity.

TIP, which has more than 500 members from across the industry, said that Turkcell has deployed the first-ever distributed disaggregated backbone router (DDBR) internet gateway solution. It is “the first of its kind”, said TIP.

Gediz Sezgin (pictured), CTO of Turkcell, said: “The deployment of the TIP DDBR solution is the first of its kind in the world and will deliver cost-effective and reliable connectivity for all our customers by its unique distributed model.”

The DDBR solution, consisting of Drivenets network operating system software with UfiSpace and Edgecore Networks hardware, has given Turkcell the capability to scale the solution’s capacity up to 192Tbps in its Gebze data centre, said TIP.

Sezgin said: “We would like to thank TIP, Drivenets, Edgecore Networks and UfiSpace who contributed to this success.”

DDBR is an operator driven initiative developed by TIP’s open optical and transport project group that defines the requirements of an open and disaggregated solution for core routing applications such as provider backbone and peering.

It allows operators the flexibility to select their desired white-box hardware and software combinations that best fits their requirements.

TIP said that the ability to right-size initial DDBR deployments “also allows for operators to optimize their costs with a pay-as-you-grow model, whilst also providing a path to scale the capacity of the solution seamlessly”.

Hanson Tuang, connectivity and ecosystems manager at Meta, the Facebook owner which is a major initiator of TIP, said: “The ability to finely tune deployments without sacrificing the ability to scale is important for [communications service providers]. DDBR is a significant step in the transformation of core routing solutions from monolithic to distributed architectures and gives CSPs a greater level of control on optimizing their costs.”