TIP launches metaverse-ready initiative

TIP launches metaverse-ready initiative

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Telecom Infra Project (TIP) has launched a metaverse-ready networks project group aimed at enhancing opportunities to deliver experiences across various industries.

The project’s primary objective is to advance the development of solutions to support metaverse experiences with Meta Platforms, Microsoft, Sparkle, T-Mobile and Telefonica serving as initial co-chairs.

They will work in close collaboration and will aim to align industry-wide network capabilities, specific APIs and mechanisms required to access end-to-end network capabilities supporting immersive applications at scale.

Alex Harmand, head of network platforms at Telefonica and co-chair of the MRN project group said: “This new group will enable operators to address the exciting opportunities that the metaverse is creating in both the consumer and enterprise segments.

“Telefonica is looking forward to collaborating to define the network capabilities and associated APIs needed to enhance metaverse services.

“The TIP community is the perfect environment for this initiative, as it will allow us to leverage multiple current project groups, such as Open RAN, open optical and packet transport, to deliver end-to-end architectures and solutions that we will then test in Telefonica’s and other TIP Community Labs.”

The group will also define requirements and methods for measuring E2E quality of experience (QoE) and provide a prioritisation of future network architectures needed to achieve “metaverse readiness”.