EllaLink to build Olisipo petabit subsea cable system

EllaLink to build Olisipo petabit subsea cable system


EllaLink confirms the development of a new subsea cable system between Sines and the Lisbon Metro Area, called the Olisipo system.

The Olisipo system is designed to connect all the international subsea landings in Portugal with the major data Centres in the region with a multi-petabit fibre optic cable.

This cable will land in Carcavelos and Sines before branching into Seixal & Sesimbra cable landing stations (CLS) and connecting the Setubal area. Comprised of 288 fibres, the unrepeatered 110km fully buried cable boasts a design capacity of 4.3 petabits. At the same time, the cable will be further reinforced due to its route engineering in particular to cable crossing, full subsea and terrestrial burial strategy, full cable armouring and extra shore-end protection with bore pipe in Sines.

"The Olisipo sustains EllaLink's vision in having Sines as one of the most important interconnection Hubs in Iberia, extending our cable from EllaLink Vasco da Gama CLS in Sines to the Lisbon Metro Area," said Philippe Dumont, CEO of EllaLink.

"The symbiotic relationship between submarine cable systems and data centres is at the heart of how these businesses thrive and survive. Connecting and transporting traffic between Brazil and Portugal, onwards across Europe and ultimately across the globe is the primary role of the EllaLink cable system and the data centres it connects to. Sines and Lisbon together will be able to compete with major European Hubs as both cities are being seen as a preferable gateway to Europe already."

In addition, the Olisipo system will provide direct point of presence (PoP) to PoP connectivity at fibre pair level between the main data centres in Sines and Lisbon Metro Area. From the outset it will connect the data centres of Start Campus NEST in Sines and Altice Linda-a-Velha (LDV) in Lisbon.

The Olisipo cable is due to become ready for service sometime in 2024.