Neterra launches cloud platform that is five times faster

Neterra launches cloud platform that is five times faster


Global operator Neterra has tested and deployed a cloud platform that it says is five times faster than ever before.

Neterra customers can rely on high-performance virtual servers that drives on these new machines and uses non-volatile memory express (NVMe) with fast response times under bigger workloads.

The processors are the latest generation of Intel Platinum, the company adds.

The platform offers customers the ability to upload templates that contains software configurations as well as open-source containers to their virtual servers.

It is based on a high-performance and innovative data storage system of the software, which is flexible and efficient, while ensuring data safety with its three copies.

Services are offered in Neterra’s Sofia data centres and customers can combine cloud services with modern backup solutions and DDoS protection.

Neterra adds that for only a monthly fee and no long-term commitment and even a free trial period, the customer receives first-class equipment and services without having to buy their own machines, make updates to them, and hire people for support.

The company is keen to stress that that the cloud servers to not require a large initial investment and anyone can select, configure and set up cloud servers in minutes.