LANCK Telecom reveals major updates to fraud management system

Fraud generic 16.9.jpg

LANCK Telecom has revealed significant updates to its fraud management system (FMS).

The FMS is a real-time signalling level solution that offers fraud detection accuracy with a false positive rate of below 0.00001.

The update offers a range of features including flash call detection, enterprise traffic protection, prevention from inbound fraud (wangiri, robocalls and spam) and a dedicated 24/7 security operations centre (SOC).

The security operations centre offers full monitoring, technical and onboarding support and is available 24/7 for any client need.

The free-of-charge version of the FMS is available for all operators using LANCK Telecom’s international carrier services and offers real-time fraud detection, alerting, blocking and reporting.

The system’s upgraded AI engine achieves a fraud detection accuracy level above the industry benchmark, LANCK says.

The upgrade includes features that provide additional levels of of protection on both inbound and outbound voice and SMS traffic.