Digital Realty to build 6.5MW subsea interconnection hub on Crete

Chania Crete.jpg

Digital Realty is to build a 6.5MW data centre on Crete, designed to serve as an interconnection hub for intercontinental and regional subsea cables landing on the Greek island.

It will be a carrier-neutral facility, said Digital Realty, and the first phase is scheduled for completion in 2025 in Heraklion, the capital city of Crete.

Apostolos Kakkos, chairman and CEO of Digital Realty’s Lamda Hellix operation, said: “The Heraklion facility will serve as an interconnection point for intercontinental and regional subsea cables, redistributing content to Greece, Turkey, northern Africa and central eastern Europe, as well as the Balkans.”

Cables land on Crete, the largest Greek island, at Chania (pictured), Tympaki, Sitia and other points.

Kakkos said: “It’s an important part of Digital Realty’s integrated Mediterranean strategy, alongside our existing hubs in Marseille and Athens, and hubs under development in Barcelona and Israel.”

The company said the Crete data centre “is expected to enable customers to build new network routes with lower latencies to eastern Europe and northern Africa”.

It added: “Furthermore, subsea cable and network operators are expected to be able to reduce development costs and increase the resiliency of their Mediterranean networks as they expand to meet the burgeoning demand for capacity.”