du looks to the metaverse to boost efficiency

du looks to the metaverse to boost efficiency

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du is exploring the potential of the metaverse to enhance its network capabilities, its chief technology officer Saleem AlBlooshi has said.

The Dubai-based operator says it is working on a strong programme to construct digital twins of its data centres and infrastructure in a bid to boost efficiency and decrease costs.

In quotes given to The National, AlBlooshi said: “The metaverse is unavoidable. As a direct result of this, using the internet will result in a higher level of emotional engagement.”

“We consider the metaverse to be a game changer in the next phase, and its anticipation drives network bandwidth.”

The digital twins will be used to replicate various scenarios, boosting its performance for physical operations.

Before the pandemic, du said it would be increasing capital expenditure by 70% to boost the rollout of its 5G services.

This expenditure didn’t involve the metaverse but the company is now one of many to have plans to further its plans in the virtual world.

A Ciena global study recently indicated that 78% of 15,000 business professionals surveyed would participate in more immersive experiences like the metaverse.

The data revealed a significant push toward more immersive platforms on a global scale but noted regional differences.