Equinix pushes for digital inclusion with $50m commitment

Charles Meyers - CEO Equinix.jpg

Equinix will make an initial $50 million investment to advance digital inclusion through the launch of The Equinix Foundation, which will provide funding to organisations working to ensure equitable and inclusive access to technology, connectivity and education.

The foundation will assess opportunities in environmental sustainability, an area of strategic importance to the company.

The Equinix Foundation board of directors will determine its annual giving budget each year, which is expected to cover grantmaking, employee donation matching, and crisis response donations.

The foundation also intends to make impact investments with interest income earned contributing to foundation assets while supporting social programmes.

“At Equinix, our purpose is to be the platform where the world comes together, enabling the innovations that enrich our work, life and planet,” said Charles Meyers, president and CEO of Equinix.

“The Equinix Foundation is an important vehicle to deliver on our ‘In Service To’ commitment—to one another, our customers, our investors and the communities in which we operate.

“We are excited that through the Foundation, we’ll also advance our future-first commitment to build a better, more inclusive, more sustainable world, while harnessing and amplifying the passion of our people to help close the digital divide in our communities and beyond.”

Through the Equinix Community Impact, the company has been supporting organisations bridging the digital divide since 2015 – providing funding and volunteer support to dozens of initiatives.

The foundation is also an important part of the company’s Future First sustainability strategy which, it says, helps to pave the way for more accessible, equitable and sustainable future for communities around the world.