GlobalConnect mega fibre subsea cable reaches Sweden


GlobalConnect has confirmed to Capacity another milestone in the development of its Digital E4 'super mega fibre cable' connecting Berlin to Haparanda in northern Sweden.

Earlier this week GlobalConnect begun drilling off the Swedish coast, preparing the landing site to connect the subsea cable coming from Bornholm.

Once in Sweden, the cable will be connected to GlobalConnect's existing terrestrial fibre network while the subsea cable will continue south towards continental Europe through Sassnitz and onwards to Berlin.


Back in July, Capacity exclusively reported that the Digital E4 cable system had begun construction and according to Regina Donato Dahlström, CEO of GlobalConnect Carrier, forms part of “the largest digital infrastructure project we’ve seen in the Nordics in recent years".

“This marks another important milestone for the Digital Freeway as we are now preparing to connect to Sweden," said Patrik Gylesjö, head of tech and delivery at GlobalConnect Carrier.


"This new digital infrastructure will secure increased capacity and high-speed connectivity for everyone living in the region while also future proofing the Nordics as an attractive arena for global tech industry investments.”

Looking ahead, this autumn GlobalConnect is planning for two additional subsea cables between Malmö, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark and Bornholm, Denmark to Sassnitz, Germany.


The Digital E4, is the first Nordic Digital Freeway spanning over 2600km total, with roughly 700km of that in subsea cables (5 in total). The cable will boast 96 fibre pairs and can transfer 3Pbs of data. The project is due to be completed at the end of 2022.