Eutelsat welcomes Delpy and Dujardin to senior management team

Eutelsat welcomes Delpy and Dujardin to senior management team

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Eutelsat Communications confirms the appointment of Laurence Delpy as general manager of its video business unit and Cyril Dujardin as general manager of its connectivity business unit.

The appointments form part of Eutelsat’s 'telecom pivot', which will be bolstered by the merger between Eutelsat and OneWeb announced in July 2022. The formation of the two business units will aims to focus on customer experience while driving greater efficiency and growth.

“Both Laurence and Cyril will have the mission of structuring and developing our two Video and Connectivity Business Units in a fast-growing global market," said Eva Berneke, chief executive officer at Eutelsat.

"These business units will build a unique service offering that will be further reinforced by our combination with OneWeb. I am confident that Laurence and Cyril have the strategic vision and operational capabilities to successfully take on these challenges in order to best address the large spectrum of our customers’ needs.”

Delpy joined Eutelsat’s Executive Committee as of 29 August 2022, from Palo Alto Networks, where she served as vice president of its EMEA service provider business. Over the course of her career, Delpy has held leadership positions in the telecom industry, including driving R&D teams and managing P&Ls in challenging environments.

Cyril Dujardin will join Eutelsat’s Executive Committee as of 10 October 2022, from Atos where he serves as deputy head of the big data and security business line. During his career Dujardin has led complex organisations experiencing various business cycles, from growth to performance improvement to turnaround.

Michel Azibert, Deputy CEO at Eutelsat, will act as interim general manager for the connectivity business unit, until Dujardin arrives.