Telia Lietuva acquires widest 700MHz band for $23m

Telia Lietuva acquires widest 700MHz band for $23m

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Telia Lietuva, one of the largest operators in Eastern Europe has announced it has acquired the widest 700MHz radio frequency band.

The 2x10 MHz radio frequency block in the 700MHz band will allow customers to use a combined spectrum, improving 4G speed and coverage in low density areas.

Telia Lietuva adds that it has already installed more than 1,000 5G-ready base stations in Lithuania.

“We know that the responsible authorities are doing everything to ensure that all the procedures would be completed in the nearest future," says Dan Strömberg, CEO of Telia Lietuva.

“We won twice wider frequency block for our clients and we are ready to launch 5G throughout Lithuania. We expect it to be a matter of weeks, depending on how long the frequency transfer and network registration will take.

In the 5G frequency auction that ended at the beginning of August 2022, Telia Lietuva won what it calls the “cleanest” 3.5GHz radio frequency band by paying around US$7 million.

In total, the company will pay US$30 million for both 5G frequency bands.

“We have been preparing for 5G launch for years, making record-high investments in our related infrastructure every year,” Strömberg added.

In Lithuania, 5G networks will operate at the 3.5GHz and 700MHz frequencies.