Macquarie reveals eight straight years of EBITDA growth

Macquarie reveals eight straight years of EBITDA growth

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Macquarie Telecom Group has announced that it has achieved eight straight years of EBITDA growth.

The company revealed its full year results, ending June 30, 2022, with revenue of A$309.3 million, representing an increase of 8.5% from 285.1 million for FY2021.

EBITDA income stood at A$88.4 million, an increase of 19.8% from the prior year. Conversion of EBITDA to operating flows generated total operating cash follows of A$98 million, the company added.

Peter James, chairman of the firm said: “The 2022 full year results delivered the eighth consecutive year of EBITDA growth underpinned by our strategy of investing in Data Centres, Cloud, Cyber Security and Telecom. It is very pleasing to see that EBITDA has grown year on year in every segment.”

Macquarie adds that it expects its EBITDA to grow in 2023 due to investments being made in data centres and Cloud services.

Chief executive David Tudehope said, “Macquarie Telecom Group is a sovereign digital infrastructure business at scale. We continue to grow because we pair the best technology with the best customer service, and that recipe hasn’t changed since the company was founded in 1992.”

“Macquarie Telecom Group continues to see strong growth in data centres, cloud computing, cyber security and our core telecom business.”

The company says that it is seeing strong demand for cybersecurity and hybrid IT in its government and cloud services businesses. Expected EBITDA for the data centre business for 2023 is between A$31 to A$33 million.

Macquarie says it has completed work on the fit-out of its Intellicentre 3 East data centre and has commenced billing of its hyperscale customer.