Telecom Infra Project appoints Eugina Jordan, ex Parallel Wireless, as CMO

Telecom Infra Project appoints Eugina Jordan, ex Parallel Wireless, as CMO

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Eugina Jordan, who lost her job – along with many colleagues – at Parallel Wireless in June, is to be chief marketing officer of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP).

Jordan (pictured) will start work next Thursday, 1 September, she told Capacity.

“You don’t pick telecom, telecom picks you, and once it does, it becomes your life and your passion,” she said.

“I am excited to work with the community of vendors, mobile operators, and industry organizations to accelerate the adoption of open and disaggregated solutions through system validation.”

Jordan was prominent in June and July in helping to set up a LinkedIn-based group for the still unknown number of people who were fired by Parallel Wireless, in a move said by CEO Steve Papa “to prudently right-size [the company] given the realities of global economic conditions”.

Kristian Toivo, executive director of TIP since June 2022, told Capacity: “I’m incredibly excited to welcome Eugina to the TIP leadership team as chief marketing officer. With over 20 years of strategic marketing experience across the telecoms industry, she has first-hand experience of how the telecoms ecosystem is in need of a major transformation.”

TIP, founded in 2016, describes itself as “a global community of companies and organizations that are driving infrastructure solutions to advance global connectivity”.

TIP was largely an initiative of Facebook, seeking to expand the reach of the internet. Back in 2016 Facebook’s global head of engineering and infrastructure Jay Parikh – now co-CEO of security company Lacework – highlighted how traditional telecoms infrastructure wasn’t keeping up with data-intensive experiences like video and virtual reality.

“We know there isn’t a single solution for this, and no one company can tackle the problem alone. Driving a faster pace of innovation in telecom infrastructure is necessary to meet these new technology challenges and to unlock new opportunities for everyone in the ecosystem,” he said.

Members of TIP include operators such as Airtel, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, NTT, Orange and Vodafone, plus vendors such as Amdocs, Infinera, Intel and Mavenir – as well as Jordan’s previous employer, Parallel Wireless.

TIP says on its website: “Half of the world’s population is still not connected to the internet, and for those who are, connectivity is often insufficient. This limits access to the multitude of consumer and commercial benefits provided by the internet, thereby impacting GDP growth globally. However, a lack of flexibility in the current solutions – exacerbated by a limited choice in technology providers – makes it challenging for operators to efficiently build and upgrade networks.”

Toivo said this morning: “The Telecom Infra Project is a major conduit for this change, accelerating the adoption of open and disaggregated solutions, and Eugina is the perfect candidate to build on the momentum achieved so far.”

Jordan herself said: “Let’s connect if you are a TIP member, vendor, or operator! Or interested in becoming a member. And let’s create high-quality connectivity that the world needs – now and in the decades to come. Together.”

Jordan has also been instrumental in creating Chief, which describes itself as “a private network built to drive more women into positions of power and keep them there”.

It is “specifically designed for senior women leaders to strengthen their leadership journey, cross-pollinate ideas across industries, and effect change from the top down.”

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