ST Engineering iDirect and Türksat partner on ground systems for Türksat 5B

ST Engineering iDirect and Türksat partner on ground systems for Türksat 5B

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ST Engineering iDirect and Türksat have inked a multi-million-dollar contract for ground systems in support of the Türksat 5B satellite.

For its part, ST Engineering iDirect will provide multiple Dialog XIF hubs and 5,000 remotes, enabling Türksat to enhance its services across government, enterprise, mobility and mobile backhaul sector using 30 beams. This is turn will provide a consistent connectivity experience across both low data rates and large throughputs of over 1 Gbps.

"The latest satellite of our fleet, Türksat 5B, will greatly increase our current coverage and bandwidth over Ka HTS. This will enable Türksat to extend broadband services over many regions including Middle East, Africa, as well as major maritime and airtime routes," said Selman Demirel, vice president of satellite operations at Türksat.

"The partnership with ST Engineering iDirect in this expansion is very important for Türksat to provide seamless, cost-effective and flexible services to current and prospective customer needs in a very broad and rapidly improving market. The Dialog XIF Hub with flexibility, multi-service capability and scalability will be a key asset for Türksat for these active markets. Therefore, we truly appreciate this new contract to strengthen our strategic partnership."

The new installations will enable Türksat to adapt its existing networks or build new ones using ST Engineering iDirect's Network Management System that allows services, capacity, terminals and beams to be scaled in an automated and orchestrated way.

Powered by DVB-S2X technology and Mx-DMA MRC technology, Türksat will also benefit from the 5B HTS by using the highest efficiencies and throughputs of the DVB-S2X waveform as well as optimise the return link with Mx-DMA MRC.

"We are thrilled that our technology has once again been selected by Türksat to enable their expanding operations," said Tajani Bouqentar, vice president of Middle East at ST Engineering iDirect.

"The selection of our Dialog platform means that Türksat now operates their services over our full hub portfolio. With the multi-service, futureproof nature of the Dialog hub platform and modem portfolio, Türksat can accommodate current and future business opportunities by providing the flexibility, multi-service capability and scalability required. We are dedicated to enabling Türksat's business development and supporting them as their capabilities evolve."

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