How NorthC runs a nationwide virtual data centre for connectivity to cloud services

How NorthC runs a nationwide virtual data centre for connectivity to cloud services

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NorthC Data Centers is a market leader in regional data centres, colocation and connectivity services, with 10 data centres in the Netherlands, three in Switzerland and two in Germany. NorthC offers customised connectivity and hybrid cloud solutions to its customers, which include business and financial service providers, the government and healthcare sectors, IT service providers, and many small businesses and large multinationals. Working closely with regional IT partners, NorthC offers its customers complete solutions to support their digital-transformation journeys.

What was the challenge?

The growing role of regions within the European economy and the need for digital transformation are factors that lead to an increasing demand for cloud services. That, in turn, drives the need for local data centres and network connectivity between regions. Data-centre providers need interconnection networks with the highest capacity and reliability combined with the lowest latency to provide the most responsive cloud services.

Driven by the digital transformation of the regional economy, NorthC saw a growing demand for high-speed, resilient connectivity between its regional data centres. In addition, its customers were finding it a challenge to implement their digital transformation strategies effectively.

How did NorthC solve it?

Nokia and its partner Nomios delivered an integrated IP and optical data-centre-interconnection solution for the NorthC Region Connect Ring. Together, they created a nationwide virtual data centre via high-capacity fibre-optic connections. The high-speed Region Connect Ring provides scalable and reliable data centre interconnection and cloud connectivity. Close collaboration with Nomios allows NorthC to offer complete solutions to help its customers with their digital transformation.

What are the benefits?

NorthC customers located in one data centre now have access to applications, services and connections in all other data centres. Local data centres are now the enabler of cloud strategies and the gateway to regional and international services.

“The digital transformation of the Netherlands economy and the growing role of regions within it means there is a growing demand for local data centres and for high-speed, reliable connectivity between regions. The Region Connect Ring allows customers to directly access network and cloud services that are not available in their own region,” says Mario Hangjas, senior director of information technology at NorthC.

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