Verizon quadruples capacity in fibre network core

Verizon 995x559.jpg

Verizon has upgraded its core equipment to manage 115 terabits per second (Tbps) of data on its network, quadrupling its network capacity.

The new equipment’s capable of utilising the latest 400Gbps per port optical technology. The upgrade will increase the bandwidth needed to support wireless, home internet, enterprise, small business and FIOS customers.

“Our fibre network is the largely invisible foundation that is a key driving force behind providing the scalability and reliability our customers need and expect,” said Kyle Malady, CTO at Verizon.

“This new packet core will provide the reliability and capacity we need today, but more importantly will be able to scale to meet the forecasted future demands that will result from the incredible capabilities of our robust 5G network, the platform for 21st century innovation.”

Earlier this year, Verizon announced that data traffic on its 5G Ultra-Wideband network had increased by 249% and this is expected to increase even further.

The new optical core is designed to meet customer needs through to 2032 and is upgradeable to future 800Gbps and 1Tbps per port optical technology, allowing the operator to manage 230Tbps of data at any given time.

According to Juniper Networks, the equipment is half the size of existing equipment and will reduce space requirements in core facilities, driving down power usage and cost per GB.