Upstream prompts uptick in RCS popularity

Upstream prompts uptick in RCS popularity


Upstream, a mobile marketing firm, has showcased how RCS (Rich communication services) solutions could become important for leading brands across the world, driving a rise in conversation rates of 37% over SMS and 137% higher click-through rates.

The number of RCS-capable subscribers is expected to reach 3.8 billion by 2026. In Brazil Upstream has worked with a leading operator to use RCS to upsell customers from pre-paid to post-paid contracts.

The firm used its advanced marketing platform ‘Grow’ to build and manage a multichannel retargeting mechanism.

“Not all users are the same, so communications shouldn’t be either. Every channel has a different dynamic and purpose, and the more channels a brand uses, the more potential users it can also reach,” said Katerina Matthaiou, product innovation director, Upstream.

“However, RCS has a clear advantage when the aim of the campaign strategy is to engage with consumers in highly interactive and visual ways. RCS messaging is a game-changer for boosting brand awareness, improving customer service and support as well as converting users and lead generation.”

Involving RCS as part of its strategy led to a 19% increase in campaign performance, with the full campaign resulting in 785,000 plan upgrades in just six months and 137% higher CTR for RCS over SMS outreach.

“Crucially, time and time again we see that, as part of a multichannel campaign, incorporating RCS is one of the smartest decisions a brand can make to enhance overall performance, reach and engagement,” Matthaiou added.

Upstream's latest whitepaper titled 'Unlocking multi-channel marketing with RCS' indicates that in almost all instances, RCS proves to be the preferred marketing option for data-enabled users.