Data centre tax expert Kang to lead Quantum Loophole real estate

Data centre tax expert Kang to lead Quantum Loophole real estate

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Quantum Loophole has hired another executive from CyrusOne, the company for which founder Josh Snowhorn worked for more than six years.

The company, which is building a large data centre campus in Maryland, has appointed Sylvia Kang (pictured) as its chief real estate officer.

Snowhorn said: “Throughout Sylvia’s career, she has led teams to drive tens of millions of dollars in data centre development cost savings. She has negotiated a multitude of data centre service agreements and was a key driver behind industry-leading legislative changes.”

With a degree in economics and accounting, she was Microsoft’s director of data centre site and business analytics for two years, and then spent seven years until 2019 as CyrusOne’s VP of site selection and acquisition.

The move comes soon after Quantum Loophole announced the ground-breaking of its 2,100 acre (850 hectare) data centre campus at Frederick county, Maryland, and after the company started work on its Qloop fibre network that will connect it to Ashburn, Virginia.

Quantum Loophole – which has nothing to do with quantum computing – said that Kang “brings more than 15 years of experience in data centre site selection, energy and lease contract negotiations, financial analytical modelling and energy management to her role”.

She is “a notable data centre tax expert”, said the company, and “was instrumental in identifying Quantum Frederick’s site based on Maryland’s new data centre tax legislation passed in July 2020”.

Snowhorn said: “At Quantum Loophole, Sylvia played an instrumental role in identifying the site that is now known as Quantum Frederick. It’s obvious that Sylvia is who we need leading the company’s site selection efforts for our company, and the industry.”

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