Sonatel awarded contract to connect 2Africa subsea cable  

Sonatel awarded contract to connect 2Africa subsea cable  

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Sonatel, the Senegalese telco and subsidiary of Orange Group, has won the contract land the 2Africa subsea cable at its cable landing station.

Marked by the first visit of newly appointed Orange Group CEO, Christel Heydemann, the visit saw the inauguration of the 2nd Room of the company's Data Center Sonatel Rufisque, doubling the hosting capacities of the facility.

Data Center Sonatel Rufisque benefits from multi-redundancy at all levels: all its equipment is duplicated in order to offer security and permanent availability.

Its Tier 3 architecture guaranteeing 99.98% availability, technical infrastructure controlled by biometrics combined with magnetic badges for room security. The facility also leverages renewable energy and has completed the installation of its solar panels.

At the same time Sonatel also improves the country'd connectivity three-fold with the construction and operation of a cable landing station for the 2Africa subsea cable, adding to the 4 cables it already operates.

As a 45,000km system, 2Africa is world's longest subsea cable system, connecting Africa, Asia and Europe. It is being built by a consortium comprised of Meta (formerly Facebook), China Mobile International, MTN GlobalConnect, Orange, stc, Telecom Egypt, Vodafone and WIOCC, due for completion in 2024.

During this celebrations Heydemann was accompanied by the chairman of Sonatel and chairman of Orange Middle East and Africa; Alioune Ndiaye, the general manager of Sonatel, Sékou Dramé and the general manager of Orange Middle East and Africa, Jérôme Hénique.