Ericsson replaces Huawei for T-Mobile Netherlands

Ericsson HQ.png

T-Mobile Netherlands has revealed it has replaced its Huawei kit with Ericsson equipment.

The choice was an intensive selection process, the operator said, “looking at quality, equipment performance, innovation, sustainability and costs”.

The agreement is part of a new long-term deal for the supply of equipment for its 3G, 4G and 5G networks.

Søren Abildgaard, CEO of T-Mobile Netherland said: "I am confident that with the help of Ericsson we will continue to offer our customers the best mobile telecom experience. We have been leading in 4G for years and we are and will continue to be with 5G.

“In recent years, we have built a globally acclaimed 4G network. It is our ambition to remain among the world's best in the field of 5G.

“Ericsson has shown us with its plans and ambitions how we can make this possible together. We are eager to offer customers a sublime 5G user experience.

“Customers will experience an even faster and even more reliable network. We also remain competitive in terms of price.”

As Ericsson continues to invest heavily in its R&D for the radio network in recent years, the two companies will come together to further develop T-Mobile’s network in the Netherlands.

T-Mobile Netherlands added that it expects to obtain “sufficient” frequencies in the 3.5GHz auction that will take place in the country next year.

With the increased spectrum, customers will experience higher speeds as demand also rises.

This will allow the operator to give its customers greater capacity and bandwidth for video sharing and live streaming among other things.