Macquarie Data Centres, ResetData partner on data centre tech

Macquarie Data Centres, ResetData partner on data centre tech

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Macquarie Data Centres has entered into a multi-year deal with ResetData using Submer data centre technology.

“Our partnership with ResetData enables increasingly important technologies such as GPUaaS to drive Australia’s digital economy. It’s good to see how technologies come to market which enable the digital applications of the future,” said David Hirst, group executive of Macquarie Data Centres.

Under the terms of the partnership, the two will exclusively use Submer cooling technology in Australia for the first time, which compared with traditional water and air-cooling technologies, Submer’s immersion cooling can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 45%.

The technology also creates zero wastewater, reduces the physical footprint by up to 90%, and the heat generated by the infrastructure can be 99% recycled.

For its part, ResetData will provide disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) all located at Macquarie Data Centre’s facilities.

According to Bass Salah, co-founder and managing director at ResetData, the technology enables GPU-as-a-service (GPUaaS), which will bolster 3D rendering, architectural design services, cloud gaming, institutional blockchain and the metaverse use cases.

“As an example, the New South Wales Government is building a digital twin of the entire state. It will replicate all levels of infrastructure, street scale and built environment in a single pane which requires significant processing power once this becomes completely populated. It’s vital that governments are leveraging the most efficient data centre technologies," said Salah.

“It’s in projects like these, and the investments hyperscalers are making, where we see the beginnings of the metaverse – a virtual world with which people engage through digital avatars – take shape. Very few people and companies are thinking about the underlying infrastructure needed to power this new virtual world, including data centres which are the heart of it, and without these considerations, the real world will suffer.”