Orange Egypt partners Ericsson to optimise user experience

Orange Egypt partners Ericsson to optimise user experience

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Orange Egypt has selected Ericsson has to provide antenna products to build its 2600MHz network.

The new infrastructure will deliver "superior and exceptional" user experience as well as support the completion of Orange Egypt's rollout plans and license obligations.

"With residents in Egypt becoming ever more reliant on mobile technology and communications, having an optimal network that offers super-fast speeds and meets user demands becomes crucial," said Ayman Amiri, chief technology officer of Orange Egypt.

"We are confident that collaborating with Ericsson will help us achieve the network capabilities demanded in this fast-growing mobile space and help us roll out faster networks across the nation.”

The news follows Orange Egypt being recently awarded the 2600MHz Time Division Duplex spectrum and carrying out an extensive rollout plan.

As such, Orange Egypt will deploy the Ericsson Antenna System to build a 2600MHz network that will improve coverage, capacity, and throughput.

As a result of better wind load, lesser weight, and high port count integration, the Ericsson antennas will also help Orange Egypt reduce operational site costs.

“With the telecom industry having a huge responsibility keeping people and businesses connected in the region, we are committed to offering operators our state-of-the-art network technology and infrastructure," said Mathias Johansson, vice president and head of Ericsson Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

"Possessing one of the strongest antenna system portfolios in the industry, we are certain our solutions will provide Orange Egypt with all the performance, capacity, and coverage required as they plan to enhance their network capabilities in the country.”

Ericsson's antenna system is set to offer Orange Egypt an end-to-end, optimised site solution that improves network performance in the country.

"Ericsson is proud to partner with Orange Egypt to provide their customers with a highly efficient system capable of not only handling today’s data but equipping the network for the future as well," said Mikael Eriksson, head of Ericsson Antenna Systems.

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