Finland’s Fibernet start-up promises 10Gbps FTTH speeds

Finland’s Fibernet start-up promises 10Gbps FTTH speeds

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Customers of Fibernet, a new alternative network provider in Finland, are to be offered speeds of up to 10Gbps in their homes.

The company is doing this via a fibre platform from Adtran that is will use in its XGS-PON network that will connect 50,000 customers in its first phase.

Janne Ahola, CEO at Fibernet, said: “We understand that fibre is the only way to supply fast and reliable network connections that can scale with subscriber demands.”

The company, based in Vantaa, north of Helsinki, will use fibre trenching to speed up build of its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network – something it can do only in the seven month of the year when the ground is not frozen solid.

“The long winters require well-planned building seasons and hardware deliveries must be on schedule during the warmer months,” said Adtran.

Ahola said: “While Fibernet is new to this market, our leaders have deep experience in implementing superior broadband networks. We selected Adtran because of its experience in both the fibre access and altnet markets, and together we make a great team.”

Adran sales VP Stuart Broome said: “The ease of scalability will enable Fibernet to increase capacity and scale services beyond its traditional residential subscriber base to support the connectivity needs of local small- and mid-sized businesses as well.”