Zayo announces 400G network upgrades

Zayo announces 400G network upgrades

Andres Irlando Zayo

Zayo has launched a network expansion across its network that will upgrade its dark fibre and subsea routes around the world.

The upgrades are a result of an investment totalling nearly US$250 million and will take place over the next 18 months.

Zayo will invest in a range of long-haul dark fibre routes that are built entirely underground and the company says this will offer physical security and reliability to customers.

“Enterprises of all sizes are entering a transformational, yet highly-complex time as they face a convergence of factors ranging from digital-first implementation and the future of work to rapid cloudification and edge computing,” said Andrés Irlando, president at Zayo.

“At Zayo, we recognize that each of these advancements is only as successful as the connectivity empowering it.”

“We are committed to continuous expansion and advancing our network and capabilities, and we remain focused on exceeding customer expectations now while positioning them for a future they are just now imagining.”

Zayo’s multiple dark fibre routes include a Cleveland to Columbus route, Dalla to Atlanta, Denver to Salt Lake City and Las Vegas to Phoenix.

Alongside that, it is one of the first providers to deliver a 400G network across the US and Europe.

To date, Zayo’s 75,000-mile backbone network is 400G enabled and is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

The greater capacity will allow customers to scale and embrace emerging technologies such as 5G, cloud adoption, IoT, AI and edge computing, the company adds.

Most recently, Zayo completed a successful 400G subsea trial in collaboration with Equinix in the UK.