TIM pushes speeds to 600Gbps per wavelength over 1,000km

TIM pushes speeds to 600Gbps per wavelength over 1,000km

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TIM’s long-haul network in Italy has carried data at 600Gbps per wavelength over a 1,000km-long fibre.

This was a trial in a live network, using Nokia technology, and means TIM will be able to carry 400 gigabit Ethernet (400GE) services across its network.

Alberto Maria Langellotti (pictured), TIM’s head of IP, transport and SDN engineering, said: “This live network field trial validates our plans to seamlessly scale network capacity everywhere over our existing long-haul network, using the latest generation of high-performance coherent optics.”

The technology, which Nokia calls PSE-V, operates with 100GHz WDM channels to maximize network capacity. This means TIM’s strategic long-haul routes will set a spectral efficiency record of 6.0bits/sec/Hz.

Langellotti said: “With this trial, we demonstrate a record spectral efficiency over our advanced network to ensure the best dissemination of new digital services.”

Nokia and TIM carried out the trial on a 1,008km link from Turin to Rome.

The technology also delivered data at 400Gbps per wavelength over a 2,140km route, from Turin to Catania, Sicily.

“We are delighted to work with TIM to support continued capacity evolution of its core long-haul network,” said James Watt, Nokia’s head of optical networks “Nokia is enabling spectrally-efficient network capacity over real-world long-haul networks while setting new milestones for capacity-reach performance.”

Earlier this year Italy’s Wind Tre said it plans to use similar PSE-V technology from Nokia on its network.