Atos unveils AI-enabled solution - Atos BOaaS

AI data chip.jpeg

Atos confirms the availability of its new solution, Atos Business Outcomes-as-a-Service (Atos BOaaS).

Atos BOaaS is a 5G, edge and IoT offering developed in collaboration with Dell Technologies that brings cloud architecture to the edge.

Atos BOaaS leverages Dell's streaming data platform that creates secure data pipelines from edge to cloud that enable analytics. Atos combines all the technology components with extra services into a full consumption model.

"Atos BOaaS combines breakthrough technologies that re-imagine the process of running digital operations at the edge and far edge as much as smartphones revolutionised mobile communications," said Dave Seybold, chief executive officer, Atos Americas.

"Together, we unlock 5G potential securely, cost-effectively and with zero-touch, modernising enterprise applications to be agile, mobile and rooted in analytics, while reducing customers' costs and carbon footprint."

In addition, Atos BOaaS removes the need for on-site technology support, saving hundreds of tons of CO2 per year per client and decreasing their overall carbon footprint.

Specifically, Atos BOaaS can detect the imminent failure of equipment at the edge, and can trigger a series of automated actions, from ordering new hardware, alerting the maintenance crew, to managing delivery and configuration of the edge to cloud platform.

"As companies digitally transform and applications and infrastructure are increasingly being deployed in the real world, the need for real-time experiences and automation are driving the decentralisation of IT," said Gil Shneorson, senior vice president of edge solutions, Dell Technologies.

"Dell's broad foundation of edge technologies and services, combined with partner solutions such as Atos Outcomes-as-a-Service, help businesses quickly and securely realise the full potential of their data from edge to the cloud to deliver better business outcomes."

Using a zero-touch deployment model, Atos BOaaS settings, configurations and applications are automatically and securely provisioned on the devices.

It also provides an App Market enabling the deployment of complex analytics and applications at the edge, such as predictive maintenance and the Atos Computer Vision platform which offers AI and scenario-based analytics on their existing video surveillance equipment.