Windstream to extend T-Rock Express to Memphis

Windstream to extend T-Rock Express to Memphis

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Windstream Wholesale will extend its previously announced Tulsa to Little Rock high capacity 432-count fibre route to Memphis.

The Tulsa-Little Rock link has been dubbed the “T-Rock Express” and is scheduled to be ready for service in August

Joe Scattareggia, executive vice president of Windstream recently toldCapacity that the company is adding fibre to three routes.

This includes its CanAm2 – New York City to Albany to Montreal route – which is due to be completed in 2023.

The 864-count “Beach Route” – Raleigh, North Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida will also benefit from additional fibre and is due to be completed in Q1, 2024.

Taken together, all of its projects add approximately 1,600 miles of fibre to Windstream’s network.

“As we continue to lead the way in ultra-fast optical transmission, Windstream Wholesale is excited about these three major construction projects that will further our commitment to providing customers with high-capacity, diversity and redundancy,” Scattareggia said.

“The rapidly escalating demand for cloud services is only going to continue to grow, and Windstream Wholesale is positioned to provide both lit services and dark fibre to meet our customers’ needs for years to come.”

Alongside the extension of its network, Windstream recently tested the interoperability of ZR+ pluggable modules using open standards.

The tests established 400GB links in a production environment over a 1,027km link using industry-standard oFEC algorithms in the trials.