Orange Poland launches 5G Warsaw lab

Orange Poland launches 5G Warsaw lab

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Orange Poland has announced the launch of a new 5G lab at its Warsaw headquarters.

The Warsaw lab joins the network of similar facilities that Orange has been launching across Europe including those in Antwerp and Liege as well as others in France and Romania.

A Dynata survey conducted in January showed that 74% of companies within Poland feel their business will need support from a telecom service provider with developing and testing 5G services.

Orange says it launched its 5G lab programme to provide opportunities for companies to discover 5G use cases and the telco has now opened 12 such labs across the continent.

“5G will be a very significant boost that will enable further development and dynamic digitisation of the Polish economy,” said Julien Ducarroz, CEO of Orange Poland.

“Orange 5G Lab is a place where we develop and test solutions using the 5G technology, also in cooperation with startups, and present innovative solutions to business, so that we can launch new services as soon as possible after the frequencies necessary to build 5G in Poland are made available, for which we are still waiting.”

The lab will be divided into several zones. The “showroom” section will demonstrate solutions in VR, AR, video analytics based on AI and autonomous mobile robots and drones.

Critically, Orange says that the use of 5G will enable the training of employees using VR and to digitally support workstations with augmented reality smart glasses.

The carrier says this will also allow for precise location and monitoring of moving people and objects.

There will also be a developer section where customers can work in an ecosystem of 5G mobile networks, edge computing solutions or IoT platforms.