Five things to watch April 21: Ribbon partners with Microsoft, IPification enters France

Five things to watch April 21: Ribbon partners with Microsoft, IPification enters France

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Capacity shares five key stories making headlines around the world today.

Ribbon Partners with Microsoft to accelerate Operator Connect deployments

Ribbon Communications has partnered with Microsoft to support its new Operator Connect Accelerator for Microsoft Teams.

The company will be extending its multi-tenant software as a service (SaaS) solution, Ribbon Connect for Operator Connect to support service provider developments.

“Since the launch of Microsoft Operator Connect, we have worked closely with Microsoft to build out our expertise and infrastructure to support the service,” said Tony Scarfo, EVP and general manager of Ribbon’s cloud and edge business unit.

“In addition, we have been deeply engaged globally with our service provider customers including Switch Connect and others, helping them onboard and integrate with the service, and now many are anxious to accelerate that process using the new Operator Connect Accelerator.”

IPification enters French market

IPification’s one-click mobile authentication, phone verification and fraud prevention services have launched in France.

IPification helps mobile app developers streamline their onboarding process by implementing seamless and bank-grade mobile authentication.

The flagship solution currently has a coverage of over 2.5 billion subscribers in over 20 markets.

Stefan Kostic, IPification CEO said: Now that our solutions are live in the country, I am looking forward to onboarding service providers, a few of which are in the final stages of the implementation of our one-click mobile authentication and user verification solutions.

Deutsche Telekom and Atos expand partnership

Deutsche Telekom and Atos will offer a joint cloud-based solution for communication and collaboration.

“Unify X powered by Telekom” is the latest product from the companies and will allow customers to tailor their individual communication requirements.

"Agility, resilience and cost savings is what our customers need right now,” says Peter Arbitter, portfolio and product management at Deutsche Telekom.

“With our partner Atos Unify, we are expanding our Magenta Business Collaboration gallery in this sense.

“We are thus uniting the old telephone system world with the new cloud world.

"Combined with our excellent network, best service and variable access, we offer our customers an unbeatable solution."

Mertech Marine to replace MV Lida cable retriever

Submarine telecoms firm Mertech Marine has announced the addition of a new ship that will replace its retiring flagship motor vessel MV Lida.

MV Lida became a subsea telecom retrieval vessel in 2009 and spent 13 of 50 years recovering disused cables from the ocean floor.

Altogether, MV Lida recovered 62,000 metric tons of cable include the first submarine telephone cable between England and North America.

"MV Lida stands as a symbol of what subsea telecom cable retrieval can achieve for the environment, both in terms of the reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide and how these materials can be recycled and repurposed," said Alwyn du Plessis, CEO of Mertech Marine.

"We are eager to introduce Lida's replacement vessel as our fleet continues to expand. The new ship will incorporate the latest innovations in responsible and sustainable cable recovery and recycling technology."

prpl Mesh enables new solutions

The prpl Foundation’s open source WiFi Mesh solution prplMesh will be made carrier grade by the end of the year, featuring a host of new solutions.

prpl Foundation says that with the new development, ISPs will be able to deploy fully open-source WiFi networks with better interoperability.

The company says third party vendors will be able to add valuable apps and services atop the WiFi stack, while an ecosystem of these apps and service that are portable across different customer-premises equipment platforms is enabled.

The 2022 update of prplMesh will see support for third-party WiFi providers, support for WiFi 6E capabilities and IPTV multicast capabilities.