Sims Lifecycle Services launches sustainability calculator

Sims Lifecycle Services launches sustainability calculator

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Sims Lifecycle Services (SLS), a provider of circular solutions for technology, confirms the launch of its new sustainability calculator.

The new calculator gives customers transparent sustainability reporting enabling them to measure their carbon impact to support them in achieving their carbon reduction goals.

Historically, such calculators typically only measure the carbon benefit of recycling metals versus landfill with more recent calculators factoring in reuse, instead SLS’ tool calculates the carbon reduction from reuse, redeployment, and recycling using data from units, both whole and components, processed by SLS on behalf of their clients.

SLS consulted with clients on the development of this calculator to understand their Scope 3 reporting requirements and incorporated these into the specifications for the tool, as a result the tool not only looks at the CO2e savings of reusing, redeploying and recycling materials but takes transportation into consideration.

“In order to fix any problem, you have to be able to measure it. This Sustainability Calculator allows SLS and our clients to quantify the results of their efforts," said Sean Magann, chief commercial officer at SLS.

"It is critical that we have a robust tool to measure our improvements. I am very excited to announce our new Sustainability Calculator and I appreciate the input from clients and our NGO partners."

The company also used a new lifecycle analysis catalogue from a large range of regularly received materials in order to quantify the reuse impact on both whole units and components. For the recycling calculations, SLS used analysis from their own material assays.

In addition, through research and interviews it was discovered that many available calculators are based on single geographies and/or broad assumptions about processing locations and transportation.

In response, the SLS sustainability calculator makes this contribution measurable, allowing clients to align their IT asset disposition program with their corporate sustainability goals.

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