Kacific offers enterprise back-up by satellite after Tonga volcano

Beatrice Mok Kacific.jpg

Satellite company Kacific has introduced a high-throughout service to support enterprises during internet outages.

Kacific says it is the first enterprise backup service in the Asia Pacific region designed to take advantage of the speed, efficiency and flexibility of Ka-band satellite connectivity. It is designed for companies in the region to back their data up into the cloud.

Marketing director Beatrice Mok (pictured) said: “Fibre and communication cable cuts happen more often than most people imagine and are caused by construction accidents, natural disasters, weather, animals, or vandalism.”

Mok said Kacific Enterprise Backup is a “hot-backup package” that allows organisations, factories, and enterprise branches that rely heavily on real-time business operations to continue with normal activities if their primary internet access is compromised.

“When they occur, they turn regions and entire nations dark, affecting millions of people annually,” said Mok. “And they represent significant unplanned costs for both governments and private sector organisations.”

The company has launched the service after being able to deliver 1Gbps to Tonga when its cable service was cut by a volcano in February. Kacific had a back-up deal with Tonga, though the government of the islands had not paid up when the subsea volcano erupted.

The new enterprise service offers less than 1Gbps – upload speeds up to 20Mbps in the standard version, and download speeds up to 70Mbps.