01T unveils new high-capacity network platform

01T unveils new high-capacity network platform


01T, a network operator for content creators and distributors has unveiled Global Network Exchange (GNX), its high-capacity, network designed platform.

With GNX, 01T says customers can access multiple services at any scale from a single port as it looks to provide intelligent and cost-effective solutions to businesses.

Businesses can utilise GNX at any point of presence to enable cloud connections, internet access, point to point services and more “without compromise or complication” according to the network operator.

The platform offers speeds from 100M to 100G, the company adds.

“Businesses are in constant need of robust, specific, and complex connectivity solutions, which with traditional carriers would incur considerable costs, in-house management, and use of precious business resources – with the result often producing a sub-standard solution,” Alex Lower, CEO of 01T said.

“Our multi-service approach dodges this process and delivers customers world-class connectivity solutions without compromise, all under one service or port.

“In a world where connectivity requirements are ever-changing and increasingly critical to business services, organisations need agility to ensure they can be proactive to marketplace changes.”

In late 2020, 01T announced it had merged with CXS Connected Enterprise Limited (CXS) paving the way for the unveiling of its GNX platform.

GNX also offers Gateway Edge, a service that uses services that were once only available from a specific data centre and brings them on to customer premises anywhere in the world.

GNX is present on six global internet exchanges and features 100G ports as standard as well as featuring the latest Juniper hardware through its “diverse network design”.