IBM unveils its IBM z16 real-time AI and quantum-safe system

IBM unveils its IBM z16 real-time AI and quantum-safe system

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IBM confirms the launch of the IBM z16, its next-gen system with an integrated on-chip AI accelerator—delivering latency-optimised inferencing.

The system enables clients to analyse real-time transactions, at scale, such as credit card, healthcare and financial transactions, it has also been designed to help protect against future threats that might be used to crack today's encryption technologies. IBM z16 will be generally available on 31 May 2022.

"IBM is the gold standard for highly secured transaction processing. Now with IBM z16 innovations, our clients can increase decision velocity with inferencing right where their mission critical data lives," said Ric Lewis, senior vice president of IBM Systems.

"This opens up tremendous opportunities to change the game in their respective industries so they will be positioned to deliver better customer experiences and more powerful business outcomes."

IBM z16 combines AI inferencing, via its IBM Telum Processor, with secured and reliable high-volume transaction processing. This enables banks to analyse for fraud during transactions on a massive scale: IBM z16 can process 300 billion inference requests per day with just one millisecond of latency.

As the industry's first quantum-safe system, IBM z16 is underpinned by lattice-based cryptography, an approach for constructing security primitives that helps protect data and systems against current and future threats.

Leveraging secure boot (meaning that bad actors cannot inject malware into the boot process to take over the system during startup), IBM z16 clients can strengthen their cyber resiliency and retain control of their system.

Also, using the Crypto Express 8S hardware security module clients have both classical and quantum-safe cryptographic technology to help address their use cases requiring information confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation.

At the same time, IBM has spent the last three years investing in the IBM zSystems platform. Recent announcements include the launch of IBM Z and cloud modernisation stack to help clients increase agility and accelerate their transformation including support for popular open-source projects.

As well as the IBM Z and cloud modernisation centre, a digital front door to a vast array of tools, training, resources, ecosystem partners and industry-specific expertise from IBM Consulting.

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