SD-WAN research published as Nour Global launches solution

SD-WAN research published as Nour Global launches solution


Competitive pricing and monitoring features rank as the top considerations when selecting a vendor for SD-WAN deployments.

According to TeleGeography, which published its latest SD-WAN research today, WAN optimisation and standardisation rank the lowest on the priority list.

Further, across all capacities, median non-recurring charges (NRC) for SD-WAN overlays have decreased by an average of 15% compounded annually since 2018. The largest price reductions were seen at lower capacities that represent the bulk of reported WAN sites.

Median NRC prices for 50Mbps and 100Mbps sites have declined 17% and 15% compounded annually since 2018.

“As SD-WAN has matured, we’ve seen price points decline and the range in reported vendor prices has started to converge,” said Brianna Boudreau, senior research manager at TeleGeography.

“This is particularly obvious at lower capacities where a majority of reported WAN sites lie, and where competitive pricing would help position suppliers when calculating the total cost for the network.”

Boudreau went on to state that availability of SD-WAN solutions has led to greater standardisation, changing how vendors distinguish themselves in the marketplace.

Boudreau continued: "Simply offering SD-WAN has lost its competitive edge. The value now lies in the intelligence, security, and service features that are being added to the service."

The news breaks on the same day Nour Global launched its multi-vendor SD-WAN solution to create bespoke networking solutions for enterprises across the MENA region.

The connectivity and ICT service provider is to combine its global internet underlay network with a suite of managed SD-WAN solutions, leveraging partnerships with Cisco Meraki, Cisco SD-WAN, Fortinet, and VMWare.

Nour Global CEO Amjad Hafez said: “Enterprises across MENA are rapidly transforming their approach to networking, and we are offering them increased choice when adopting an SD-WAN solution. They trust our network and our customer experience, and now they can seamlessly adopt the SD-WAN solution that best meets their needs.

“Not all SD-WAN solutions are the same. This why I’ve developed a multi-vendor approach that really puts control in the hands of our enterprise customers, from the development phase through to deployment and management.”

Nour Global, which has offered SD-WAN solutions since 2018, offers a single platform for connecting, optimising, securing, and accelerating applications and services across the Middle East and North Africa reigon. It has more than 20 PoPs spanning markets from Morocco to Oman.

Hafez added: “SD-WAN is the future for networking across MENA. Whether it is a European bank expanding across the region or a local healthcare innovator going global, we can help them connect and optimise their applications,” said Amjad Hafez. “We aren’t tied to one vendor, networking technology or approach. We find the best solution to meet your local and global networking and business goals.”