GlobalConnect's network passes 100,000km milestone

GlobalConnect's network passes 100,000km milestone


GlobalConnect has reached a new milestone in the deployment of its network across Northern Europe, passing 100,000km to claim the title of the largest interconnected network in the region.

The 100,000km of fibre covers the Nordics and northern Germany and includes of the amount of trenched fibre, fully owned by GlobalConnect in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Finland, but does not include leased lines.

Martin Lippert, CEO GlobalConnect Group said: “Today marks a great milestone for GlobalConnect. It’s the result of our ever-continuing efforts to digitize our region, which we have been perusing the last twenty years.

"We are daily out in the field deploying new fiber optics in the ground, connecting society with services and infrastructure that will last for generations. In Q1, we continued to leverage the strong momentum we had from 2021, expanding our fiber network in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, as well as in our newer market Germany.”

The EQT-owned GlobalConnect said it put more than 2,500 km of new fibre in the ground during Q1 of this year and other recent highlights have included the ongoing deployment of the mega capacity fibre cable from Luleå to Berlin.

In December GlobalConnect received regulatory clearance to acquire Open Universe and SDU fibre assets from Telenor Sweden for SEK3 billion. With this additional reach, the group’s FTTH customer base now amounts to 650,000, a 54% increase compared to Q4 2021. In total over Q1 of the current calendar year, the footprint has expanded by 6.8%.

In 2019, EQT combined its EQT Infrastructure III and IV portfolio companies, GlobalConnect and IP-Only, to address growing regional demand. In 2020 GlobalConnect Carrier launched and is headed by Regina Donato Dahlström.

In Short: GlobalConnect Q1 2022 vs Q4 2021

Total fibre: ~100 000 km (+6,8%)

Homes connected: ~650 000 (+54%) including Open Universe

Data centers: ~33 000 sqm