Red Hat partners Türk Telekom and Elisa selects Google cloud for business transformation

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Türk Telekom has deployed Red Hat OpenShift to transform its business to from core to edge, while Elisa has partnered Google Cloud on cloud transformation.

The collaboration between Red Hat and Türk Telekom will optimise Türk Telekom's microservices architecture, consolidating services and data management and analysis. It standardised on Red Hat OpenShift as the foundational horizontal application platform for greater ease of deployment and scaling.

“We are proud to collaborate closely with Türk Telekom to help it grow in a more flexible way and streamline costs and operations, with Red Hat OpenShift as its core cloud-native application platform taking care of scaling, provisioning and container orchestration," said Honoré LaBourdette, vice president of telecoms, media and entertainment at Red Hat.

"We are excited to see Türk Telekom step up its competitiveness by being able to get to market faster and adaptively improve customer experience on demand.”

In addition, Red Hat Consulting and Red Hat Training provided upskilling programs to help Türk Telekom to get the best value from its cloud-native technologies and to be more agile using microservices and CI/CD.

Türk Telekom also leveraged Red Hat services to help define a security architecture that takes advantage of OpenShift’s native features including network and container isolation and application data access protection.

“With Red Hat, we have gained flexibility and an ability to address challenges more proactively, which is very important as we have many mission critical products," said Mehmet Fatih Bekin, data centre and cloud services director at Türk Telekom.

"Red Hat OpenShift frees up our staff to focus on making positive contributions to the business. And with its open source development model, Red Hat can deliver platform innovation and fixes faster. Overall, Red Hat has made our digital transformation path a lot easier.”

Using Red Hat OpenShift’s self-service capabilities Türk Telekom can deploy applications in as little as 90 seconds compared to taking days previously, with automation helping remove manual processes.

As for Google Cloud Elisa, the two have formed a strategic partnership to accelerate Elisa’s cloud transformation journey and work together on joint innovations in several areas.

“We’re at a pivotal moment in our cloud journey and we wanted a cloud partner that would support our next steps in our digital development,” said Veli-Matti Mattila, Elisa, CEO.

 “We are a customer-centric organization continuously transforming our business and we’re looking forward to collaborating together with Google Cloud on joint innovations for our global customers.”

Specifically, Elisa will use Google Cloud’s infrastructure, storage, advanced data analytics, and hybrid cloud management services to explore new edge computing possibilities and build enhanced experiences for Elisa’s customers.

“The telco sector is undergoing significant modernisation and Google Cloud’s expertise in data analytics, multi and hybrid cloud management, and edge computing is supporting industry players to navigate this change," said Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud.

“Elisa is a market leader in telecommunications and digital services, and we’re proud to be part of its digital transformation journey.”

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