Colt deploys industry-first 800G technology in the L-band

Optical networking.jpg

Colt Technology Services (Colt) has become the first provider to deploy 800G technology in the L-band across a terrestrial network.

The milestone was achieved using Ciena’s Reconfigurable Line System, WaveLogic 5 Extreme coherent optics, and Manage, Control and Plan domain controller. This in turn makes Colt to become the first service provider to offer proven 100G/400G Wave services across both C+L bands, enabling double the data transport capacity offered by a single fibre pair.

“Colt continues to see increasing demand for wave and spectrum services from our customers across the globe. Since launching the IQ Network back in 2016, we have continued to invest and drive innovation through next generation optical technology to serve these ever-increasing bandwidth requirements," said Vivek Gaur, VP of network engineering at Colt.  

"We take pride to be the market leader in innovation. This latest step makes Colt an early adopter of C+L-band technology, meaning we can continue to help our customers transform the way they do business and drive sustainable growth.”

The news comes as Colt works to transform its optical network to deliver the next-gen high bandwidth services and enhanced end user experience over a 'fully programmable on demand optical network, while maximising the efficiency of its fibre assets'.

Colt has made a series of recent announcements around the deployment of 400GE Wave and Private Wave services across Europe and Asia Pacific, using Ciena’s WaveLogic 5 Extreme technology.

“With Ciena’s coherent optical technology Colt is adding greater scale and programmability to its network which is essential in addressing demands driven by cloud-based content and services that fuel our digital lifestyles,” said Jamie Jefferies, vice president and general manager of international at Ciena.    

At the same time, January saw the company acquire ten new parcels of land that will allow it to develop around 100MW of IT power in London, Frankfurt and Paris plus unspecified Japanese locations.