Interxion France switches to synthetic fuel for generators

Interxion France switches to synthetic fuel for generators


Interxion France has followed in the footsteps of Kao Data by switching to hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) for its generators.

Part of Digital Realty since its $8.4 billion acquisition in 2020, Interxion's French operation has cleared the use of synthetic fuel HVO100. The development is a first for the Digital Realty Group, which has set science based targets to reduce its direct carbon emissions by 2030 – global emissions by 68% and passive emissions by 24%.

On the use of HVO, the first provisioning has already been carried out at Interxion France's PAR8 site, located in La Courneuve.

Fabrice Coquio (pictured), president of Interxion France, said: "Every action we take that helps to limit greenhouse gas emissions is important. We are aware that the use of our generators, even when reduced to a minimum, has an impact on the environment.

"By starting to supply our data centres with HVO100, we are taking another proactive step in implementing our strategy to reduce our carbon footprint, which is vital as we continue to lead the industry towards a more sustainable future."

As a signatory of the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact, Interxion has already greened much of its operations and, in 2020, its French subsidiary became the first data centre operator in the country to become carbon neutral for scope one and scope two emissions. Now, by replacing the diesel in its generator sets with HVO100 Interxion France aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from generators by 90%.

Although technically a fossil fuel, the HVO100 used by Interxion is described as a synthetic paraffinic diesel, made from "100% renewable items and certified as sustainable", the company said.

It is produced from vegetable oils or reprocessed waste, is compliant with the European Union's renewable energy directive and is a "safe fossil fuel alternative and requires no engine modification before use". 

It is manufactured and supplied by dozens of companies, but some providers have come under fire in the past for basing their HVO on palm oil.

Interxion France has not disclosed who will provide its supply although over the English Channel at Kao Data, HVO is supplied by Crown Oil. It states: "We do not support the use or sale of palm oil derived HVO and will only supply ISCC verified waste derived product into the market".