Vodafone unveils services in Oman

Vodafone HQ 2.jpg

Vodafone has announced a strategic partnership with Oman Future Telecommunications (OFT) to develop its 5G network and bring cloud services to the country.

While the deal was first announced in 2019, it took another year for Vodafone to receive formal approval to operate in the country.

Vodafone is offering several launch offers for customers in Oman which are valid until January 31, 2022.

Bader Zidi, CEO of Vodafone in Oman said: "Our main objective is to advance digital progress, initially by bringing next-generation 5G network and cloud service and then subsequently going into ecosystems that reach far beyond telecommunication.”

“Vodafone is positioned as Oman's premier technology company, digitalising lifestyles and society."

According to local reports, the Oman government initiated the plan to include Vodafone in its 5G future to generate job opportunities for its citizens and to enhance its GDP.

Vodafone Oman is placing a growing emphasis on employing Omanis and will provide services through 3,500 distributors as part of its growing network in the country.

Jan Holzberg, commercial director of Vodafone Oman said: “With our launch, we are redefining the way people experience communication by eliminating customer service pain points in the industry.

“Big Data Analytics and extensive market research tell us that customers want radically different, innovative and transparent products.”