Equinix partners Nasdaq on scaling digital infrastructure

Equinix partners Nasdaq on scaling digital infrastructure

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Equinix has announced a multi-year partnership with Nasdaq to scale the Equinix NY11 data centre in Carteret, New Jersey in support of Nasdaq’s cloud infrastructure.

The news builds on the 13 years that Nasdaq has used Platform Equinix to support its extensive global customer and vendor ecosystem, which during this time has enabled low latency access for workflows that support the full trade lifecycle including price discovery and analytics as well as other pre- and post-trade tools.

“Our partnership with Equinix is a critical step in Nasdaq’s cloud journey. This agreement will allow us to deliver ultra-low latency edge compute capabilities directly from our primary data centre in Carteret, New Jersey,” said Tal Cohen, executive vice president, head of North American markets at Nasdaq.

“Our goal with this hybrid infrastructure is to provide new services and products for our clients with added flexibility and low latency, including virtual connectivity services, market analytics, risk tools and machine learning.”

Through this expanded collaboration with Equinix Nasdaq moves one step closer to moving its markets to the cloud.

Specifically, Equinix now offers Nasdaq a 'robust, interconnected platform' that allows for the direct and secure exchange of data between Nasdaq and its ecosystem partners. In addition, Nasdaq will be able address current and future infrastructure needs while accelerating its cloud transformation.

“The evolution of digital infrastructure in financial services has led to immense opportunities for our customers to grow, scale, and transform,” said Jon Lin, president of Americas at Equinix.

“We are committed to Nasdaq, as it leverages our robust financial ecosystem to transform its industry over the next decade and beyond.”

Nasdaq’s current and planned future deployments across Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres include Canada, the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, with additional expansions expected in the near future.