Ohio IX rolls out Arista switch platforms for next-gen networks

Ohio IX rolls out Arista switch platforms for next-gen networks

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The Ohio Internet Exchange (Ohio IX) has deployed new network switch platforms from Arista Networks.

The news comes as Ohio UX has seen a 300% increase in network traffic use over the past year, largely due to the addition of key content providers such as Amazon, Netflix, Cloudflare and Fastly, to name a few. 

To support its network traffic demands, the Ohio IX has deployed new network switch platforms to further enhance the value of the Internet Exchange for its customers.

"We are thrilled to build our network infrastructure with Arista switch platforms at Ohio IX, which are helping us address increasing demand and add greater value to our membership," said Jason Gintert, board member and CTO at Ohio IX.

"Optimising with the Arista solution will allow us to achieve our core mission of interconnecting networks throughout the region while reducing costs and improving performance–benefiting the Ohio Internet community and beyond."

Specifically, Ohio IX chose the ultra high-performance Arista 7060 and 7280R switches as they offer a wide choice of interface speed and density to best meet Ohio IX's content and provider peering growth requirements.

In addition, the Arista platform also enables Ohio IX to increase the number of available 10Gbps and 25Gbps ports, augment 100Gbps services.

"We're excited to partner with the Ohio Internet Exchange to bring innovation, scalability, flexibility and performance to their network as their members' needs continue to increase," said Chris Kane, systems engineering lead at Arista Networks.

Deploying the new Arista switches gives Ohio IX the capacity to support up to 20Tbps of total throughput in the exchange fabric, nearly 3x the amount of the previous infrastructure.  

"Internet growth for businesses and residential alike are driven by demand for online content around the world," said Doug Payauys, Board Chair at Ohio IX

"The Ohio IX continues to bring excellent value in Ohio and the region by providing our members' networks with ultra-low latency access to global content locally on equipment that supports our growth and reliability standards."