Stephanie Gilbert ‘retires’ from AT&T after 28 years

Stephanie Gilbert ‘retires’ from AT&T after 28 years

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Stephanie Gilbert has retired from AT&T after 28 years, most recently as area VP and general manager for wholesale sales in the Greater Philadelphia area.

She announced her departure on LinkedIn, saying: “I’m doing a new thing.”

Gilbert (pictured) has not said what she is doing next, but noted: “It’s time to exit the train at the station and connect to another rail line for new scenery and experiences. I’m relatively young and there’s good gas in the tank, and the best mindshare is just now beginning to flow.”

Her LinkedIn entry now reads: “In maintenance – preparing for next mission.”

Gilbert’s post attracted compliments from across the industry.

Ben Edmund, CEO and co-founder of Connected2Fiber said: “Congratulations on an amazing career that you should be very proud of. All the best to you on your next adventure.” Gil Santaliz, CEO of NJFX, said: “It is certainly rare these days to see such a commitment. Your experiences and relationships are an example of what it takes to be successful. Best of luck in this next chapter.”

Andy Geisse, operating partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, said: “Thank you for so many great years of service. I am sure AT&T will miss you.”

Gilbert said in here post: “My first ‘work from home’ laptop [was] in 1995. I was zooming before Zoom was cool and haven’t worked in an office since.”

She was involved in the launch of AT&T Wireless in the mid-Atlantic region and has “one of the first five mobile phone numbers”, and sold web pages. “Clients said the web was a ‘fad’,” she recalled.