AWS announces Cloud WAN service


AWS has announced a WAN network service that will make it easier to connect geographically complex networks to the cloud.

AWS Cloud WAN will offer a central dashboard that companies can use to connect their on-premises branch offices, data centres and Amazon VPCs across the AWS network.

This will allow them to receive a complete view of their global network to configure and automate network management and security tasks.

“We hear from customers that they are tired of the complexity of managing multiple networks with different connectivity, security, and monitoring requirements using multiple third-party products and services,” said David Brown, vice president of Amazon EC2 at AWS.

“With AWS Cloud WAN, customers can simplify how they manage a WAN by using a central dashboard to unify the multiple networks they manage today, implement network policies for performance and security, easily add locations, and automate advanced network settings.

“AWS Cloud WAN removes the difficulty of stitching together and managing multiple third-party tools so customers can now more easily keep their networks securely connected and high performing.”

AWS Cloud WAN integrates with major SD WAN and network appliance providers including Aruba, Cisco, Palo Alto and VMware – allowing customers to use and manage products and services from these providers.

To get started, customers connect their on-premises environments to AWS with the help of a telecommunications service provider. These connections, AWS says, will bridge the gap between the customer’s data centres or colocation facilities and the AWS network, extending their existing WAN network to the cloud.

AWS has been broadening its partners in the telco industry and recently named T-System as a Premier Tier Consulting Partner.